About us

The company was founded in 2007 by two founders – Yuri Volberg and Nikolai Fedorov. The foundation was based on their experience with world famous companies in the welding technologies area.
The main activity of the company was the installation of technological pipelines from high-alloy steels, titanium, St. 20, aluminum, the production of additional equipment, small-sized shell structures.
Company name – Voll Rohr Schweißen Group.
The motto of the company: Prozeßstabilität – Stability of the process.

VRS group GmbH is equipped with:

  1. German welding equipment EWM (WIG-TIG)
  2. German orbital welding machines Orbitec (WIG-TIG) (Open welding head- application range 20 – 115mm)
  3. Semi-automatic welding machines EWM (MIG – MAG)
  4. The whole spectrum of professional installation equipment: centralizers, face lifters, blowing systems for welding quality assurance, racks and trolleys for moving welding machines and cylinders, passaging machines, hoists, rollers, endoscope for control and archiving of data on the root condition, etc.

Over the years of work in Ukraine the company has found reliable allies in its customers, who value high quality and responsible attitude to the task.